Systematic design down to the very last detail!
Our systainer® Classic-Line are perfectly matched and connectable/combinable with each other in no time. Additionally the systainer® Classic-Line fits to our premium line systainer® T-Loc without any problems.
Why make it complicated if it can be so simple?

Stackable and linkable
That´s our motto! The systainer® Classic-Line will convince you in no time in everyday use. Fast linking of individual units saves time and a lot of walking!
The systainer® Classic-Line towers can be carried by a single handle and thus offer a high degree of mobility.


The established systainer® Classic Line is also compatible with the premium line systainer® T-Loc.

MINI-systainer® Classic-Line

The ”small one” with all advantages of the “normal” systainer® Classic-Line. Combinable with systainer® Classic-Line I - V.
MINI-systainer<sup>®</sup> Classic-Line