TANOS and the environment

The environment is relevant to all of us.

And this starts with our product – the systainer®.

The systainer® ensures an environmentally friendly, reusable packaging that does not produce mountains of waste. The systainer® is made 100% from recycleable ABS.

Quality also benefits the environment! We are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and produce robust, reliable and high quality products that, thanks to their long life, make a considerably lower contribution to the environmental load. With regard to our environmental responsibility, we have also taken comprehensive climate protection measures in consideration for the new building construction in Illertissen.

Even at the planning stage a variety of climate protection projects were taken in account for the building.
So, for example, the heating and cooling of the administration building and assembly halls is based on regenerative energy won from the crust of the earth (geothermal technology). The heating and cooling concept is supported by concrete core temperature control which regulates temperature by way of directly introducing heat and cold into the concrete of the floors or ceilings. Further, decentrally installed electronic boilers ensure tailored hot water ensuring that energy-intensive supplies do not need to be established. And even when it comes to emergency situations, we still have the environment in mind, in the event of a fire, for example, there is an underground rainwater reservoir available to fight the fire. This saves valuable drinking water.

And when it comes to power consumption, we also have our eye on resources. Parking areas and fire services accesses are fitted with modern LED exterior lighting. This technology uses a fraction of the power used by traditional illumination and is also very low on maintenance. Inside the building itself, office standard lamps with reduced consumption, daylight controls and intelligent presence switching reduce the overall power consumption.

We are currently planning our own photovoltaic system for power generation. In this way, we support our goal of actively contributing towards protecting the environment.